"...reducing disease is fundamental but so too is ensuring that our young people are capable of meeting the changing requirements of life." We need to ensure that they are resilient and primed to success.

About Siya

Siya is an inspirational and a motivational speaker. A man raised for such a time as this. He is a messenger of Hope. The message of hope that he brings is fun, humorous, engaging, and impactful. Over the years he has successfully delivered inspirational, heart touching and life changing workshops on various topics. He is thrilled to be involved with schools and colleges, engaging with students all across the country.

Services From Siya


As both a parent and trainer, Siya places a high priority on the safety and well being of children and young people at all times. He holds a current CRB enhanced disclosure certificate.

Siya is professional and adaptable who delivers bespoke and tailor made sessions to provide you with exactly what you need. All sessions are driven by a committed enthusiasm that encourages and inspires in a very fun environment. With over 16 years of experience of talking in the education sector, Siya is highly recommended by Ofsted and other authorities and has the ability to put his message across in an articulate manner that is accessible to all.

Siya Twani
Siya's Philosophy

The Xhosa word to teach is “Ukufundisa” - a causative verb meaning ’to cause to learn’. I believe that in life we are all teachers and learners — we are causing each other to learn: Each one teach one. We will both learn in the process by working things through together.